No mas tequila

The B.U.M.P.S Tour

March 24, 2010

I headed out of town for a short ride up to Mount Charleston. The ride up there was pretty nice but it got cold as I gained altitude. I eventually got up to 8400 feet and there was snow on the side of the road.


They didn’t speak a word of English but liked the Spyder

A little further up there is a working ski resort. I don’t think a lot of people think of skiing when they think of Las Vegas but there it was. The lifts were running and there were a few snowboarders hitting the slopes. Since I was already at 8400 feet it looked liked the top of the mountain could be 10,000 feet. It was high enough to have snow on it.

I returned to town and went walk the strip. I went into Margaretville and found it much to my liking. I should have stopped here a year ago and saved myself the 11,000 mile trip to Key West that I took last year.


So I had myself a margarita (or two, or three) and some jambalaya for dinner. About once an hour they play some JB and these three guys come out on stilts. Also out comes a TBU (totally buffed unit) in a bikini and she climbs up into the rafters and then takes water slide down. She gets deposited into this huge blender and then a giant fish hook lowers into it.


The girl is real. The margarita is not.

Bob Naquin


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