What da Duck?

Traveling Companion

April 6, 2010

I have a sister that I hear from about once every ten years. Actually, I have a lot of sisters and I hear from all of them just about on that schedule.

So imagine my surprise when one of them, who we will call Regina to protect her identity, started bugging me about my travel stories. She claimed that she had seen enough pictures of my Spyder in various and sundry locations and that it would be a lot more interesting if I had some sort of travel companion to take pictures of along the way.

Now when I am traveling with my Spyder I have a lot to keep me occupied: getting my bike loaded up, GPS working correctly, bike working correctly, me properly dressed, me properly fed, me properly hydrated. These are all things that I have to do each and every day and there is not a lot of room for error in any of these. I mean, if I miss one beer, that is one beer for the rest of my life and that is serious.

But I was shopping in a store filled with weird and wonderful things in Old Sacramento and I found this little character.


Safety conscious Nameless Duck

So I adopted him and took him with me today to see what kind of companion this would be. The first place we went was to the blood bank to donate some blood. While the staff there was pretty interested in the duck they were not that interested in duck blood. So he/she/it just sat there while they drained a pint out of me.


Ab Negative and Duck Positive

Once that was done they did wrap some gauze around he/she/its neck to match what they put on my arm. And the little quacker got a donut too. That does not seem fair.

So having taken the ill advice of the sister, who we shall call Regina, I now have a duck. But I don’t know what to call it. I don’t know where to take it. I don’t know where you buy a helmet for one of these things. Or goggles. I am not sure if it is legal to cross state lines with an underage duck. I am pretty sure that it will be instrumental in me getting my butt kicked at some time in the future.

And now you know why I don’t communicate with my sisters but once a decade.



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6 responses to “What da Duck?

  1. I am a co-worker/friend of Rick who is married to Regina. It is wonderful to find out that the same gene pool that produced Regina also produce a similar sibling. Very funny!


  2. Bob

    So now it is all my fault. I hate that when it happens.


  3. Candice

    Bob – I received an update notification for a blog titled “Tough Duck”, but the link wouldn’t work. I found something you mentioned in your “Tough Duck” blog – but I can’t email it to you. I’ll email it to Gina – perhaps she’ll pass it on to you. Wishing you fairer weather…


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