Tough Duck

Tough Duck

I have not been too pleased with this duck that I have selected as a travel companion. I think that it needs a tougher, ‘don’t mess with me’ look if it is going to ride on the back of my bike. So I was really pleased when I got a package today from a person who we will call Regina, to protect the innocent.

In it were these doggles and a neck bandana. So now the duck looks like this:


The duck looking a bit tougher.

In a really classy touch there was even a roll of mono filament fishing line. So now I can tie a piece of this to the duck and let it take a proper swim in a mountain stream without fear of it washing out to sea. How nice.

I still think the duck needs a cigar or a tattoo. Maybe a piercing. I guess it will have to be a beak ring, since I don’t think ducks have either nipples or ears. The possibilities are somewhat limited with a duck. More thought is needed in this area.

I also took a picture of the rear light of my Spyder:


It never is


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