Moccasin et al

While I have been quiet, I have been busy.

My latest play, The Perils of Carmen Gedditt” is being shown to sold out audiences. Actually we don’t sell tickets to get in. We charge them to get OUT. It is going really well and we have one more play date which we did have to limit the number of people attending.

My one and only boating experience this year resulted in yet another cratered $7k engine. I am averaging about three hours per engine on the last four. So I did the only reasonable thing and traded my jet ski for a front yard landscaping job. That is going well. I doubt that even I can destroy concrete in 3 hours.

I am undergoing more work on my mouth. The horror of the last attempt has diminished so I now am up for ripping it all out and starting over. Almost.

I am in the gym practically every day of the week and it is showing results. I have been eating so many vegetables that I lean towards the sun when I go outside. Life was easier when I thought it was gong to be a lot shorter. I am in therapy twice a week-massage therapy. It helps me cope.

Between rain showers I have been out on the Spyder. Yesterday I went to Moccasin. I dare say that there are not a lot of people who have been to Moccasin. I came in the back way and now have a new favorite ride. It is like Eden back there and for many miles I could have been the only person on the face of the earth. I let the duck swim in a mountain pool and found out that he/she/it doesn’t swim very well. Stupid Duck! I can see that I will have to rescue him/she/it on occasion.

And my wanderlust is back. I need to get out of this Velvet Rut and get back on the highway. A few more obligations and I am outta here. C ya.


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