Big Butter Jesus is Toast

Everyone remembers where they were when they heard the news that JFK had been shot, OJ had been set free, and now more importantly, where they were when they heard that BBJ was struck by lightning and melted.

For those of you who don’t know, I did make a 6,000 mile pilgrimage to visit BBJ in 2008. Well BBJ was actually a bonus. (Since lightning struck the statue of Jesus I have been sticking closer to the truth just in case.)

My eldest Niece called my attention to this tragedy this morning wondering why there was not an appropriate amount of popcorn made available so all of that melted butter would not go to waste.

Heywood Banks added one last verse to his song :

New verse to “Big Butter Jesus” 
by comedian Heywood Banks

“One night Big Butter got hit by lightning
It burned to the frame wire in a giant grease fire
Some blamed it on Satan, and boy, that would be frightening
But I thought it was Jesus’ father who was in charge of lightning”

While I applaud Heywood putting a period on the end of that sentence, I have to wonder if anything is safe in this country any longer. Luckily we have three really really large balls of twine in this country so it is unlikely the terrorist will be able to destroy all of our national treasures.

I had better get busy and go see the humungous fungus before someone sprays Roundup on it.


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  1. Bob,

    Well, I will always remember that I was sitting here reading your blog when I heard that BBJ was fried. I did a little research on Wikipedia and discovered that:

    “Although the statue cost about $250,000 to construct, it was insured for $500,000 because the artist, Brad Coriell, had donated his time to the creation.”

    I’d hate to think that God cast down the lightning bolt to collect on the insurance, but since I no longer have faith in big government, big oil, big bank, big tobacco or big religion I guess I need to keep an open mind.


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