How I spent my Summer vacation

Well Summer is over and I have not been a very ambitious blogger.  Which was easy since I have not been doing very much.  I have been spending a lot of time here in Wrinkle Ranch, mostly playing softball.  I play three or four times a week on two separate teams and the rest of the time I am healing up from the injuries I picked up playing.  We usually play 7 inning games or until we run out of Ben Gay.

I am getting better at it.  The announcer said I had gotten a lot faster over the season.  He claims he use to use a calendar to time me and now he has to use an hour glass.  Funny guy.

I am playing a lot of ball because all of my toys have left me.  The jet ski got turned into a a front yard patio that looks like this;

The Spyder and trailer went on a cross country promotional tour with the Bag Monster.  And the ATV went to a good home with some local people. Don’t ask me why I got rid of everything because I don’t have a good answer.

I was left with a garage that looked like this:

After spending enough money on it to arm a small nation it ended up looking like this:

And then I needed to put something in it so I got this:

This was the only 24 year old that I could find that would let me rub on  her as much as I wanted. And she does go topless on occasion.  After 24 years of operation it had a total of 37,500 miles on it so it was time that it came to live with someone that will take her out more often.

But the wanderlust has gotten into me so  I will be going down the road again.  Actually, I am off on a working trip with my Good Buddy John Warren if you can consider delivering mustangs from Oregon to Utah to Texas and back to Oregon work in any sense of the word.

So I will see you down the road (or rode as we say in the boating world).



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2 responses to “How I spent my Summer vacation

  1. Kelly

    Love the looks of your new garage, and I am sure your **new** 24-year old little lady will LOOOVE living with you in Wrinkle Ranch!
    Was good to see you a couple weeks ago, we sure love you a lot!


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