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October 1, 2010


Saturday morning and the only thing we had to look forward to was motoring as far enough to get to Texas.  No offense to my favorite niece, who we shall call Danelle to protect her identity, but northwest Texas is not much to look forward to.

But I get ahead of myself.  We took off at 8 AM and headed down to Colorado Springs on the eastern side of the Rockies.  The scenery along here is beautiful and Colorado Springs brought back memories of romancing the love of my life,  back in my mostly misspent yuut. A good ride and it had  a nice view.

In Trinidad in Southern Colorado the mountains went away and the heavy clouds rolled in spoiling what had, up to now, been perfect weather.  The landscape changed to high desert which seems to be what a lot of the western US is made up of.   There is not too much to recommend it or much to look at except an occasional flock/herd of antelopes.  I assuming they are antelopes but I would have expected them to be playing with the deer but they were not.  Maybe the song was just wrong.

At Raton, New Mexico we headed off of the interstate and took a more direct route to Armadillo, Texas.  Things got a little boring along here as there is lots of stuff here which we will call ‘dirt’ for lack of a better term and not much of anything else.  At Texline we entered Texas and I have not seen a more down and out town since Goldrick, Nevada.  The landscape was plain and I thing they named a whole segment of the country The Plains and they could not have gotten it more right.

At Dalhart, Texas we picked up fresh fuel and some food for ourselves.  I cannot say that the scenery got any better.  There is a lot of Texas but jeez, it takes a lot to amount to anything.  We pushed on to Plainview, where we wanted to spend the night watching NCAA football and eating fried chicken.  We got here about 7 PM central time and found a Comfort Inn and settled in for the night.  So here we are in Plainview Texas where every night is Saturday night and every Saturday is New Year’s Eve. We have

some Democratic chicken and some cold beer, so life is good.

498 miles, 8 hr 43 minutes, 58 mph average


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