yesterday’s report

Friday October 1, 2010

On Friday morning we awoke somewhat rested and got some coffee and some breakfast. We had been traveling so fast that we had not taken much time to eat except for gulping a Subway sandwich and eating some snacks.  So food was good.

The first order of business was to unload the Mustang convertible we had been carrying in the trailer and deliver it to its new owner in Sandy, Utah.  Don met us at the motel and he was happy to see his car roll out of the trailer in one piece.  It had been in his family for 28 years and was being handed down from one generation to the next. 

With that taken care of we had delivered the second car on this trip. We loaded up and began the long drive towards Comfort, Texas where we were to pick up our next car. So at 9:30 we headed north to pick up I-80 again and head to Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I am not sure how you get to Texas by going through Cheyenne but that apparently is how it is done.

We entered Wyoming without even realizing we had crossed the border.  Nobody ever hears anything about Wyoming and I think they like it that way.  Enough so they didn’t think it was important to mark their state line.  We crossed the Continental Divide and that was marked with a sign but I expected a white dotted line on the land to mark where it was.  The good news in this is that we were at the top of the Rockies and could start heading down.  We were hoping this would improve our gas mileage and it did.  It shot up from 8.5 MPG to 9 MPG.  Woohoo!

We made the turn South on I-25 at Cheyenne and headed to Denver.  We got a little past that right about dark and found ourselves a little Marriott with enough space to park the rig.  Then it was off for beer and chicken wings at a sports bar near the motel. 562 miles at 60 MPH average and 9:17 minutes of driving.  A good day.


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