today in Kerrville

SundayOctober 3, 2010

Still Boring

After having a miserable night in Plainview, Texas we awoke to rain on Sunday morning. The miserable night was a result of the fire alarm going off at 2 AM in the Comfort Inn. Not the best hotel nor the best town, but it is what passes for civilization in Texas.

So we traveled south and eventually drove out of the rain. The landscape was not much to shout about until we got to what is known as the Hill Country of Texas near Fredericksburg. There it got to be tree covered hills with large ranches that looked pretty nice. I am not sure what they were ranching there but there were way too many goats around. Seems like they should be ranching a more manly animal. What really worried me was that the goats looked nervous.

After what was a short day for us we arrived in Kerrville which is near where we are going to load up a Mustang and take it to the left coast. We arrived at 2:04 with 391 miles covered after a little over 6 hours on the road. This was a short day for us. We got gas, bought some supplies and settled in our room to watch NASCAR and football with some delivery pizza. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon on the road.

Bob Naquin


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