Monday’s chores

MondayOctober 4, 2010

Shelby Pick up

After a night of football, beer and pizza we were ready to make the turn on this trip. We met with the owner of the restoration shop, Dave Randall, in the parking lot of the motel. We followed him out into the wilderness where he has an impressive shop out in the middle of no where on a goat farm. I still don’t get the goats.

We broke open the SeaLand container where the Shelby Mustang we had come to get had been living for the last 2 years. While Dave Randall was slated to do a rotisserie restoration on what had been a pretty good looking car. But once the paint came off it was discovered that the body and frame had succumbed to rust. A donor car was found, the body’s switched and then the economy tanked and the project was put on hold. Our mission was to get this project back to the left coast where work could be resumed under John’s watchful eye.

The Shelby in its SeaLand container.

After surveying the pieces we started loading boxes of parts into the bed of the truck. These were pieces of both the original Shelby and the donor car so we had lots of duplicates. Then we had to get the chassis, engine, frame out of the SeaLand container and onto the trailer we had towed along for this purpose. One wheel of the car had the brakes rusted shut on it so getting it to move was a bit of a challenge. But Dave broke it loose and we ratcheted the car onto the trailer for the trip home. After 6 hours of wrestling parts around we said our goodbyes to Dave and his helper Sergio and we headed back out to I 10 for the long ride home.

Notice the tie wrap door handle

Dave and John making the handoff. Hard to believe John is smiling.

After about 300 miles of driving we had had enough and we stopped in FortStockton for some rest and Monday night football. Like a barn sour horse we are heading home and the miles should click off on the next few days.

Bob Naquin



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2 responses to “Monday’s chores

  1. Belle

    O.K. — let me get this straight — yu started out with a mustang on a trailer, and you ended up with a mustang on a trailer?


    • Bob

      Its a guy thing-you wouldn’t understand. especially since the one we dropped off was perfectly serviceable and the one we picked up is a basket case. I would just go to the dealer and buy a useable car and be done with it.


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