I didn’t know anyone read these things

Well I am back safe and sound in Manteca, Ca after traveling 4,401 miles in 8 days pulling a trailered car most of the way. After being back in the ‘hood for a few hours it became obvious that some people were actually waiting to hear that I had gotten home. So here is the rest of the story;

Tuesday October 7

We left Fort Stockton, Texas at 6:10 in the morning with 1369 miles to go to get to Manteca. We intended to put in a 12 hour day over each of the next two days so away we went. For those of you who have not driven in West Texas you may as well save yourself the trouble. There is not a lot out there.

At about 10 AM we entered into New Mexico in the rain. Somehow one does not expect it to rain in what is basically a desert but it certainly was raining. We were only in New Mexico for about 130 miles and then we were in Arizona. And it was raining there also. We stopped for dinner at a reasonable hour and kept pushing on into the night. We had no reason to stop any earlier and we were trying to shorten our last day a bit.

When we entered California, we gained a second hour back from time changes. Actually we had gained the hour back when we entered Arizona since they don’t go on Daylight Savings time like the rest of the country. I don’t know what is wrong with Arizona. They don’t seem to be very compliant when it comes to allowing illegal aliens into their state or going to daylight savings time. No one knows why anyone goes onto Daylight Savings time in any case. It must have been a good idea at one time or another but I think it has outlived its usefulness. The illegal aliens are just here until the Mother Ship comes to get them.

Anyway, we had traveled 815 miles in 14 hours and we settled in at yet another crummy Best Western motel. We were both pretty tired and didn’t really care.

Wednesday October 8

We left Blythe at 7 Am and were soon back in the rain. We passed the windmill farms near Palm Desert and it made me think that the wind must blow a lot around there. We wandered into the LA traffic, which pretty much starts in Arizona, and then made a cautious climb up the Grape Vine and down into the Sacramento Valley. We expected the weather to clear up and warm up because it is something like a state law that says that is the way it should be. But it wasn’t. It pretty much rained on us the entire way.

At 6 PM we arrived at my home in Manteca. As soon as the truck stopped the skies opened up with a geewhiz gulley-washer. We don’t often see rain like that here as it does not fit well with our laid back style. But it rained pretty good for a couple of hours

Maggie joined us for dinner and since the weather was so bad we just sat around and drank and I threw together some red beans and some jambalaya. It was not long before Maggie had to go home to her workaday world and the two boys crashed watching TV.

Thursday October 9

John was up long before dawn and chomping at the bit to get to his home in Grants Pass. We said our goodbyes and I went back to my normal routine of working out and gathering food. It was a long 8 days for me and it will be along 8 days for John by the time he gets to Grants Pass with his new project car. We are still talking to one another and I think he learned a lot on this trip. I tried to impart some wisdom but I am not sure he was listening most of the time. I didn’t learn that much. I will just close the book on yet another adventure John and I have had together.

Thanks for coming along. Not many pictures because there were not many opportunities to take them. In a typical day we were only not driving for about an hour a day when we were fueling up. I wish I had gotten a picture of that Open Range though. I may just have to put that on the hugemungus fungus tour.


Bob Naquin



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