27 October, 2010 17:50

October 24 Sunday

Please Sir may I have another add on charge

It had been raining most of the day when Maggie and I made our way to the StocktonInternationalAirport to catch a flight to Las Vegas. I know it is not really an ‘international’ airport because it only has two flights a day and then not every day. The two flights are to Las Vegas and Long Beach which are not international cities. But the hassle of flying is evenly distributed so that every airport has an equal amount of hassle associated with it. So I could have just as well been going some where exotic. Very democratic. But a pain in a butt.

I do believe that since I last flew on an airline they have invested a lot of time and energy in seeing how many different ways they can irritate a customer. On a $180 ticket you have to add $60 if you want your bag to fly in the belly of the plane rather than being crammed into an overhead bin that will not hold all of the luggage in any case. This defies any logic I can bring to bear on this matter. Wouldn’t you want the explosive underwear to be out of reach of the terrorist on board the airplane?

Then there is a $9 charge if you want to select your seat. If you don’t pay the $9 you still get an assigned seat. And then there is another charge if you want priority boarding. None of this has any bearing on the plane actually running on time. I am not sure how a 53 minute flight becomes an hour late but this one did.

Then to add to the aggravation the gate attendant allowed any one that wanted to board the plane early to do so as long as they did not use the overhead bin. And if you wanted to board early and had a bag you would be allowed to check it at no charge. Of course if you had a bag and wanted to board early and wanted to use the overhead bin for your bag, that was okay too. Our friend Lynn did all this and managed to get to Las Vegas for about $100 less than Maggie and I. Smart. Or dumb. It depends on your perspective.

And then there were the $2 cokes and $5 bag of chips which I did not have. I bet Lynn got them for free but at that point she was scared to say so.

In any case we had a bumpy 53 minute ride into Las Vegas where we picked up our bargain rental car. It only cost $112 for a week with unlimited miles. But then there was an additional $87 fee for using the trunk. Kidding. There was an $87 fee that they had not come up with a reason for just yet. Not kidding.

We got going and stopped for supplies before we checked into our timeshare condo. I like timeshares a lot since I long ago gave up thinking how bad of a deal they are. We got settled in and then stayed up until 2 AM drinking our supplies.


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