27 October, 2010 18:00

October 25 Monday

Going to the Chapel

Monday we had to get ready to go to my nephew Brent’s wedding. Note to self: Never share a bathroom with two women. Brent was set to marry Yaya, who is Chinese, in the little Chapel of the Flowers. Some of Brent’s Cajun relatives had come to witness the wedding as had a number of Yaya’s relatives. Most of Yaya’s side of the family did not speak English very well and the same could be said for Brent’s side. It had the makings of an interesting event with international implications. I think the only thing the two groups had in common is that they would both eat anything.

We found the wedding chapel after a bit of hunting. Brent had only an inkling of where he was actually getting married. And there is one heck of a lot of wedding chapels all in one area of the Las Vegas strip. But we found it and had time to catch up with relatives I had not seen in a while.

Yaya of course was beautiful. Her two children were in attendance and they are the most beautiful of children. Brent not only got a good looking wife in the deal but a couple of children too. His parents, Meryl and Leo, got to be instant Grandparents and they were really happy with that.

After the wedding we all gathered at a local restaurant for a reception. But first I had to escort the new couple around Las Vegas for some photo ops. It gave us a lot of time for Brent and me to get caught up. And I think they got some good pictures out of it.

We had a nice meal and some music at the restaurant and went through all of the usual wedding tradition stuff. Lot’s more visiting and we finally called it a day at 6 PM. I think everyone was beat from the travel and the late night the night before. So it was back to the condo to watch Monday Night Football with our eyes closed.


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  1. Gene Beley

    Bob, thanks for the blog on old Mexico’s charms. I’ve been forwarding it to my brother-in-law, Jim Muir, and his wife, Janet, who live in Ajicic near Guadalajara, but are now at their other house in Utah for the holidays. Maybe some day, you can go visit them in Ajicic, which overlooks a lake there.

    The weather has been rather harsh here this week with heavy rain and high storms but cleared up today for a gift of sunshine. I went to the Kaiser Senior Advantage seminar this morning to get educated on Kaiser’s Plan, but decided to stick with S.C.A.N.’s Advantage program that is $29 a month with perks like free health club of our choice, if desired, and $10 to go to my primary doctor, free blood tests, and many other benefits. I only wish my adult children could have a similar, affordable plan like this.

    Take care…



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