getting Mexico

Getting Mexico
December 22, 2010
Three Little Piggy’s Went to Market

So after a fairly restful night in the motel from the fifties we got a start on the last leg of our journey to Mexico. The day started out better than the previous one in that it was not raining. I attribute this lack of rain to my wearing shorts and having my sunglasses ready to wear at a moments notice.

We had traveled about a mile before the scenery picked up. In the dim pre-dawn light I saw three pigs walking into a gas station in Ajo, Arizona. Really. I did. And I thought that was a great opening line for a bad joke: “These three pigs walk into a gas station and ….” More on this later.

I watched the sun come up over the Pipe Cactus National Park and it was a sight to see. The desert always looks best at sunrise or sunset and today was no exception. Maybe I am beginning to get it.

At Lukeville we crossed into Mexico. This process took about thirty seconds. While we complain about all of the Mexicans making their way into the US, they are returning the favor by making it real easy to get into Mexico. A bit further on we did have to stop for a few minutes while a federale checked our passports and vehicle registrations. We were not asked to get a visa so we didn’t. I suppose we are now in Mexico illegally and I feel good about that. I am doing my part to balance the scales of justice. I wonder if they serve beer in a Mexican prison.

Once in Mexico the scenery changes dramatically. It’s like a whole ‘nother country. Most notable is the architecture which is small adobe homes with flat roofs. Landscaping is mostly dirt. There is quite a bit of what I would call junk laying about but it may be someone else’s treasure. The road we were on was magnificent and I thought they should go to California and build a few like it.

The speed limits posted on the road are taken more as a vague suggestion rather than a hard and fast rule. The difference in the speed vehicles were traveling was pretty amazing. While this was a two lane road in their typical efficient manner the Mexicans had turned it into a 3 or 4 lane road by taking turns driving on the shoulder. It made for interesting driving but easy traveling.

I did run across a bus that was on fire though. Most buses in Mexico are really quite modern and not anything like the ones in ‘Romancing the Stone’ but this one was burning with gusto. The passengers were safely out of it.

We did make a scenic stop in Santa Ana for brunch at a fairly modern restaurant. From there we picked up highway 15 heading south on what was turning into a nice 74 degree day. We had to pass through Hermasillo which is rather large town. Along with the traffic, Hermasillo is known for its speed bumps. These are bumps that you will slow down for, or never have the use of you car ever again. Along with that, the trucks that travel this road have cut these massive ruts in the road that are like speed bumps but facing the wrong way by 90 degrees. All this made for a little white knuckle driving but I am here illegally so I chose not to complain.

Topes: Mexican for very large bump.

We arrived in San Carlos around 3 PM and it looks like the town has thrived since my last visit. We stopped by the real estate office where Karen and Larry went to get the keys to the house and I went to try my Spanish on the nearest guy selling beer. We were all successful.

Then it was to the casa which one gets to by going down these small back alley roads that have a lot the dreaded speed bumps. There is not posted speed limit on these roads because there is no need. They have topes.

But we got to the house that we have rented for a month and this I get. While the house is typical modern Mexican, the location makes it. Right on the beach. Right on the Sea of Cortez. There is a large veranda on the seaside that overlooks the beach and I think I will be spending a lot of time out there over the next month. The sound of the waves lapping at the beach just below the house makes the trip worthwhile.

View from deck

We immediately went to the most important order of business-having a drink on the veranda. We had only been at this for a couple of minutes before Sergio showed up with two sacks of lobsters. Dinner! Sergio is the yard man and he comes with the house. Whether you want him to or not. He is obviously supplementing his income by selling seafood. After haggling over the price for a bit in Spanglish we ended up buying one sack of Sergio’s lobsters. He promised to bring shrimp on Thursday. Yummy.

So after Sergio deciding what we were going to have for dinner, Karen and Larry went off to get the side dishes and I got busy unpacking. I have taken occupancy of the casita that is next to the big house. It is basically another little house next to the bigger one that shares the veranda. Larry and Karen have me ensconced here like some mad uncle that they some times find amusing to have around. Just not that amusing. Just not all of the time. But this indignity I suffer gladly.

As soon as I got done with unpacking I started on Christmas decorations. As luck would have it there is a palm tree that I was able to light up with green lights. And I had a Christmas tree I stole from a Drama Group party so now we are all set up for the holidays. I have many more lights to put up but in true Mexican fashion I will do it tomorrow.

My Palm tree

We had a nice dinner of lobster, Caesar salad, roasted potatoes and wine. After cleaning up the kitchen it was time for bed for me. But wait.

I spent the entire day working my three pigs walk into a gas station joke. Here they are and you get to vote on which is the best. Or add your own.

Joke A:

Three pigs walk into a gas station.
The attendant says” Why are you walking?
One of the pig says, “We were on a hawg but it ran out of gas.”

Joke B
Three pigs walk into a gas station and one of them lies down.
The attendant comes in and says, “Oy! Wassis lyin’ ‘ere”
One of the pigs says,”Is not a lion, mate. Issa pig.

Joke C
Three women walk into a gas station each carrying a duck.
The attendant says,” What are you doing in here with those pigs?’
One lady says, “They are not pigs. They are ducks.”
The attendant says, “I was talking to the ducks.”

Oh hush. I never said they would be good.


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