Getting Mexico

Getting Mexico
December 23, 2010

I got up in time to see the sun come up on the Sea of Cortez and I can highly recommend that. It is very quiet here, especially early in the morning and it is easy to hear the pelicans as they hit the water trying to catch breakfast. The sea lions also use the sea in front of the casa as a breakfast stop. There must be a lot of fish out there.

Sunrise on the Sea of Cortez

So the first order of business was making coffee. This would ordinarily be within my cooking abilities but I am in Mexico where sometimes the simple things aren’t. I have two coffee makers here in what I like to call the Crazy Casita. One of them has a carafe and doesn’t work and the other does work but does not have a carafe that fits. So after scratching my bald little head for a while I came up with a way to brew a cup of coffee using a cream cup to catch the coffee. I thinking my conversion to becoming a Mexican is underway.

After Larry and Karen got up we all went off to a larger town on Guaymus to stock up on food and drink. We went to a store called ‘Leys’ which is a pretty large modern grocery store. We bought two shopping carts of food and booze for $150. This part I get.

So after we bought all of this food and booze we headed out to buy more food and booze from a restaurant. We went to the Soggy Peso which is a beach bar on the north end of town. It sits on this beautiful long beach that had pretty much no one on it. A couple of beers and two of the best crab tostadas in the world and life had taken a turn for the best.

We returned to the Casa by car and then immediately walked to the marina which is about a mile away. The marina is ground zero for all of the gringos here. We had some drinks and made some new friends. There was the white dog with no name and Steve who runs the booze cruise boat out of the marina.

This is the white dog-not Steve

Back at the Casa it was time for more lights and preparation for dinner. We had a very nice rack of lamb, roasted onions and potatoes and some good wine. And then amazingly enough a whole day had gone by and it was time for bed. I get this part too.

The Duck gets Mexico. I need to get the duck a sombrero.


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