getting Mexico

Getting Mexico
December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve dawned and I immediately got busy putting up more lights. I wanted to make sure that Baby Jesus would be able to find his way. Putting up Christmas lights in shorts and sandals is really the way to go. Fighting the cold to do this is just uncivilized.

I did not do this but wish I had

Once Karen and Larry were up we went off on the day’s trek. I am beginning to sense a pattern here. If we are not eating or drinking, we are looking for things to eat or drink. Luckily we have been walking to these places and this passes for exercising.

Now I made a bad tactical error on this trip. I offered to carry some of the shells Karen collected along the way in a bag that I had. Having been single for a long time I had forgotten what the rules are on this. The rule is, if you offer to carry one thing then you have offered to carry everything and there is no limit to the things that need to be carried. I need a refresher course.

We walked down to the Marina to get some coffee and buy tickets to a yacht club brunch. After this exhausting effort we had to have beverage and I have been told repeatedly not to drink the water so that led us to sidewalk bar. Five O’clock comes at any time of the day in Mexico. This I get.

There are bigger boats in the marina but I like this one.

After that we did a hard target search for fresh tortillas and shrimp and fish. Guess who got to carry them in his bag? Not that I would complain. Much. We took this home and had the shrimp and tortillas for lunch. Then because I was exhausted from lugging stuff around I had to have a siesta. (This part I definitely get)

I washed my car as best as I could with the tools at hand. Then I went out and looked for a gym. I thought that at least trying to find a gym would count as a workout and I would feel better about all of the things I have been eating and drinking. It was closed but I am still counting it. My intentions were good.

So there was nothing much left to do but retire to the veranda to drink some of Larry’s wonderful margaritas. We visited with the neighbors who are all gringos. They were appreciative of our lighted house and palm tree. While the Christmas goose roasted on the barbie we watched the lighted boat parade. They were kind enough to go directly in front of our casa so we did not have to move away from the margarita pitcher.

By this time we were famished again and devoured the turkey, roasted beets and potatoes, lettuce wedge, homemade cranberry sauce, wine and I believe part of the table. And then we realized we had wasted away yet another day. I am getting this more and more.

The Sea Gull is saying,” Just this one more thing for your bag.”


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