Getting Mexico

Getting Mexico
December 21, 2010
It don’t rain in Indianapolis

Maybe not. But it sure as heck rains in California. And Arizona. It is a dry rain though….

The Burnsworth’s arrived at my home in Wrinkle Ranch, Manteca in time for dinner on Monday. I fed them my world famous seafood gumbo that I get out of a box. Think of it as Mac and Cheese for Cajuns. I like it and they were polite enough to say that they did too so there you have it. With enough beer, tequila and wine even Mac and Cheese would have tasted good.

We got up early to yet another foggy valley morning. I was glad to be heading south and supposedly out of it. We did drive out of it after a few miles because it started raining. And it continued. So today I drove 751 miles today and 726 miles were in the rain. But I am tired of whining about it.

So we plodded along I 5 south heading to Southern Cal where the weather is supposed ideal. Not today. It was a pretty uneventful trip other than fighting the weather. I would never have known I was in So Cal except for seeing the Oscar Meyer Mobile which is not something you can see just any where. But in the end it just a wiener with wheels. And it was the highlight of the day.

We turned East on I 10 and out into the desert. But it just continued raining. It seems like I came through here just a couple of months ago and it was raining then too. Maybe it is just me.

The only real ‘excitement’ was going through border checks a couple of times. At Gila Bend we headed due south to get to our destination of Ajo. We pulled in at 8:30 at night at the La Siesta motel. This would not have been my first choice but it was not my choice. It is not often you get to stay in a motel that has a gravel parking lot right up to the door. Actually this makes a grand total of two times for me. But there are no chalk outlines of bodies on the floor and the room has possibly the smallest TV left in the free world so I am good. Too tired to be too concerned about it. So it is off to bed with no dinner and worse yet no beer. This could be a long trip.


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