Getting Mexico 12.26 .2010

Getting Mexico
December 26, 2010
There were clouds in the sky indicating that the weather was in for a change. About the only noticeable difference was that the sunrise and sunset were prettier. Actually it was a tad cooler but not quite enough to make me put on a sweatshirt.

Karen and I decided to take a brisk walk to the gym and see if it was open. This gym I am trying to get into has no posted hours of operation so it is anyone’s guess when it will be open.

Along the way we ran into a Mexican party. There were six or seven cars parked down a side street with loud music blaring from one of them and a few young adults standing around drinking beer. There were also two cop cars there supposedly trying to get them to clear part of the street. With all of the pretty beaches around I found it odd that these kids would decide to have their Sunday morning fiesta on a garbage strewn side street. I don’t get it.

El Gallo the rooster


I managed to get some needed pesos out of the Banmex bank sidewalk teller. This operation is a Mexican version of a slot machine. You put your bank card and pin into the machine and some days it will deduct pesos from you account and give them to you and some days it won’t. Today was my day. It was not Karen’s day.

The trip to gym was good but to no avail as it was still closed without any sign of when it would open. So it was back to the house doing a little shopping along the way.

Pato Villa the duck


After watching Larry wash his car we went off again in search of something. I lose track of what we are looking for after a while. But there is always something that Karen needs for the kitchen. I don’t complain because I get to eat whatever she cooks. And I didn’t have to carry anything today.

Halfway through this trip Larry and I peeled off at Froggy’s because they had a football game on the TV. We watched the game and drank some beers and ate some chips and salsa. The beers were good. The bill came to $10.60 for seven beers and the food. This I get. What I get is that sometimes the waiter has trouble adding correctly.

Weaving our way back home we stopped at Bananas where I had to continue my research on who had the best crab tostada, which is my new favorite food. The ones I got here were not nearly as good as ones at the Soggy Peso. More research is needed.

Flat tire on a wooden bike at Bananas

Back at the house we settled in to reading, cooking and computing which seems to be the favorite past times of Larry, Karen and me in that order. We watched the sun set and had a nice dinner of turkey soup and lettuce wedge. This is what passes for a light meal here. When one eats four times a day, it is only right that one meal be light.


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