Getting Mexico 12.27.2010

Getting Mexico

December 27, 2010

School Daze

So it was Monday and it was time to get back to work.  After our usual morning routines of breakfast and walks it was off to the Hotel Paradiso for our first day of Spanish classes with Senora Dolores.

The Hotel Paradiso is on the north end of town which meant we had to drive, something we do precious little of.  This hotel was once a Club Med resort and now it is just this great big resort with more people working there then there are guests. Senora Dolores has a small class room there and I understand that she too is abandoning it and moving to the marina.

So we had our first class and I can honestly say I speak more Spanish then I did before.  She does have her own style of teaching and she does make it fun.  But it is hard beating things into this thick old head.

I wrote all of this but don't know what it means

After class we went off to the Guaymus airport to work on our illegal status problem.  We met with the immigration officer there but, while sympathetic, could not offer any help. At least he did not have us arrested.

So we went shopping of all things.  At Wal-Mart of all places.  It is new to Guyamus but pretty much like any other Wal-Mart in the world.  It seems we were low on booze since that is all we managed to buy.

It was then time for tacos and beers at JJ’s, which is just a little shack of a restaurant on the side of the highway in San Carlos.  With music blaring and cold beer flowing it was busier than any other place I had seen so far.  While the waiter brought me my first beer, he made it clear that I was on my own after that.  So I just went to the beer cooler and helped myself while he did his job of setting tables and welcoming people. The tacos were good. This I get

Later in the day Karen and I went off for a power walk and when we came back there was this strange man in the yard who introduced himself as Sergio the caretaker.  But he wasn’t the same person as the other Sergio who came by each day to sell us fish who also claimed to be Sergio.  Apparently the original Sergio has quite a scam going on whereby he knows when the real caretaker is going to be away and uses his identity to sell seafood to the unsuspecting gringos.  You have to admire his style if nothing else.  In any case the real Sergio was very nice and very helpful.  But he had nothing to eat so I may like the imposter better.

This is a lion, not a pig.


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