You have the heart of a Chicken

Getting Mexico

December 28, 2010

You have the heart of a chicken

(usted tiene el carazon pollo)

As you can see from the title I have had another Spanish class.  I am not sure why just the offbeat, useless phrases stick in my head.  It is some sort of gift I suppose. But our Spanish classes are going along well and our teacher is a delight.

So my day started with my normal homework on my computer and then a nice breakfast of fresh baked bread and fruit.  The bread was found by Karen on one of her perpetual walks to find food and some of the fruit came out of the front yard of the casa.  There is a grapefruit tree there with the best grapefruit on them and if we pace ourselves there may be enough of them to last a month.

We walked down the beach to get to class today.  We didn’t have to.  We just wanted to.  It was a nice walk on a beautiful beach on a rather blustery day.   The wind does tend to blow off of the Sea on the north end of town.  Where the casa is located we barely feel it. 

Kite Surfers

Once class was over we settled in at the Soggy Peso for some lunch. The Soggy Peso is not the cheapest place to eat but it does have good food and a wonderful view of the beach. While there is a lot of beach there are not many people.  Whatever economic woe the US is having has spilled over into San Carlos since it caters to the gringos.  I have yet to be in a place where the guests outnumber the people working there.  For those of you who don’t know, San Carlos is expensive to get to by air with only one flight a day from Phoenix.  I think it keeps the touristos down which is fine with me. 

Once back home Karen went off in search of food while Larry and I read and studied our Spanish.  Studying while drinking beer is certainly better than studying without drinking beer.  I believe the beer makes my brain more receptive.

Dinner was fish and veggies on the grill followed by a football Americano on the TV.  The days do tend to go by rather fast.

Boat on Lagoon at Hotel Paradiso




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