The Sea Turned Angry

Getting Mexico

December 29, 2010

The Sea turned Angry

Since we had a day off from school I thought I would take the opportunity to see if the gym was open for business.  The gym is located a little over a mile away and I walked to it because it is more interesting to walk and at least I would get that much exercise.

It was opened and I went in to talk to the lady at the desk.  She claimed to speak no English.  So I apologized for my bad Spanish and we had a nice conversation about me buying a short term pass to the gym.  I was so proud of myself.  She thought I was an idiot, I am sure. But I was very proud.

I did not have time to work out just then because the three of us had to go to the Immigration office in Guaymus to turn ourselves in as illegals. The office is only open from 8-12 in the morning and with our class schedule this was the only day we could do it.  We hopped in the car and found the immigration office easily enough.  A gentleman came out and told us that the office was closed every day until the first of the year.  It looks like we are putting more effort into straightening out our immigration status then they really care about.

While outside the office we noticed another one of these patterns painted on the parking lot surface.  I had been noticing these in different places and was wondering what they were.  A lady came walking by and she explained, in Spanish, that these are used to mark where people congregate in the event of an evacuation.  This speaking Spanish thing is proving useful here in Mexico.  Who would have thought it?

Mystery Marking


Bob ready to be evauated

Since we were there we decided to go to the Guaymus street market which happens every Wednesday.  There is a street where the vendors congregate to sell everything from fresh meat and vegetables to used voltage adapters and car parts.  The place was crowded and there were actually more Mexicans than Americans.  Good fun to see, hear and smell this market and all of the vendors hawking their wares.  Karen, staying true to fashion, bought some plates.  Larry and I opted for a couple of bandanas that a guy gave to us.

Pretty pinatas at Guaymus Market


We made a quick shopping trip at Leys, a modern supermarket in Guaymus.  It seems we are constantly running out of food or booze.  My theory is someone comes in at night and steals it but I have no proof and cannot go to the authorities because I am here illegally.

Then it was off to J.J.’s stand of tacos and things.  This is my favorite place in San Carlos so far.  It is nothing more than a bamboo and FEMA tarp covered shack where the music blares and the beer is cold.  Since we had been there before we were told to go get our own beer.  I suppose we are no longer guests.  The food is passable.  The ambiance is great.  The entire thing could be blown away in a good wind.

The bar at JJ's taco and things


Then I went off to gym since I now knew how much it would costs and more importantly when they would be open.  This gym could be the most modern building in San Carlos. It has a lap pool and, spinning room. pilates room, whirlpool, a complete weight room.  Pretty nice. It was very quiet when I was there and I got done what needed to be done.  I advise having the beer AFTER the workout, not before. 

Back at the casa the wind had come up, blowing from the south east.  And it hot gotten cold-maybe as low as 60 degrees.  But the best part was now the waves were no longer lapping at our sea wall but pounding it.  Cool.    ! Que Padre!  As we now say. It did not stop me from watching Larry grill up some onions, corn and the best smoked pork chops in the world.  That and a nightcap of tequila and I had efficiently wasted away another day.

Tetas es cabras at sunset


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