A Quiet Day

Getting Mexico

January 1, 2011

A quiet day at the casa

Tequila Sunrise


Throughout the night I had been hearing sounds of partying from a house down the beach. When I got up in the morning the party was still going strong judging by the laughing and the music.  This went on until about 9 AM when everyone must have gone in for a short siesta because a few hours later they were back at it.  These people really know how to have a fiesta.  They make me feel old.

But January first dawned a beautiful morning with sunshine and calm seas.  The sea life in front of the casa was back up to full song with the pelicans doing their out of control dive bombing for food.  It was a good start to what I hope will be a good year for everyone.

But it was a quiet day for our little casa.  I never left the house.  I would just lie on the couch and make moaning noises whenever I wanted Karen to feed me.  It worked; Chicken tacos for breakfast, shrimp on the barbi for lunch and chicken gumbo for dinner.  In between, I watch football Americano and studied my Spanish.  Since the football games were broadcast in Spanish I had little choice but to study my Spanish if I wanted to know what they were saying. 

Shrimp on the barbi


Karen went off on her perpetual walks in search of food and sea shells. Larry hung around and watched football with me.  So it was a good day.  I actually feel like I am vacation now.

Karen's Sea Shells


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