Getting Mexico

January 3, 2011


One eyed Jack at Bananas

The day dawned as beautiful as any.  It was cold or ‘Que Frio’ as we like to say now.  It was forty-three degrees Fahrenheit on my way to the gym.  But I did get to the gym and it was open, so my day was off to a much better start.

After breakfast it was off to school like good little boys and girls.  Our classes are the best and now we mostly play games in Spanish.  Today we played ‘Lottery’ which is a game much like our bingo but with pictures.  The Maestra Dolores kept telling us it was very serious and that we should take it as such but I think that was because she was losing.  We played rummy with colored cards and she lost at that too.  So it was a good class. I did not get hit with the dictionary.

We told Dolores that we had been watching American football and practicing our Spanish that way. She does not like American football.  She thinks that each player should get a ball so that they don’t have to fight over just the one.  Maybe Mexicans don’t get me.  I had never considered that.

Now here is irony:  As you all know we are here illegally since we never got our tourist cards at the border.  Out attempts to correct this has gone awry because the offices have been closed for the holidays.  Today Larry and I got a job helping Dolores move her classroom to its new location near the marina.  So not only are we here illegally, we are now working very cheaply and probably denying some law abiding Mexican a paying job.  This is just too rich.  To finish out the stereotype, I stole a pen from Dolores’ office today. Well I did not mean to steal it, but isn’t that what they all say.

To celebrate our new found employment, however illegal it was, we went back to La Manga to eat their fresh seafood and to enjoy their wonderful view of the Sea.  After two hours of eating the best food in the world we headed back to town.  Larry and I had to arrange tools for our new profession.  So we went off to the ‘Constructorama’ while Karen went off on her perpetual search for food.

We invited Dolores to join us for some more Dorado, zucchini and pineapple.  All of it was very good but the conversation was quite a bit better.  After eating and laughing the evening away we realized that we had wasted away yet another day.

Cactus. My camera was out of batteries so live with it.


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