Getting Mexico

January 2, 2010


Above the bar at Hotel Cortes

Like a good boy I headed to the gym to make amends for lying on the couch the entire previous day.  But the gym was closed.  I am thinking that I am a lot more dedicated to this gym thing then the people who actually run the gym.  But it is the day after the day after New Year’s Eve so maybe I am rushing things. And since my intentions were good I am counting it as a workout.

So I wandered around town looking for unsuspecting locals to practice my Spanish on.  There were precious few about early on a Sunday morning.  I stopped by the church thinking they couldn’t hide from me there but apparently they could.  There was no one there.

So I went to the local coffee shop and had myself a cup of coffee.  While they speak very good English at this place, I insisted that they speak Spanish to me.  They cater to the gringos so it was hard for them.  I sat down with the local paper and decided to read as much of it as I could.  I got through most of the headlines.  My reading is not all that good so when I got to the headline that indicated that Guatemala was invading Disneyland, I just quit.

Then it was down the road to see who else I could antagonize.  I did come to understand one thing about Mexico on this holiday Sunday morning: the word ‘abierto’ means ‘open’ in Spanish.  Seeing this sign in a window I would think that the establishment would be open.  But that is not the case.  It just means that they were open once and probably will be again but it is no indication of their status at this point in time.  Either that or they saw me coming and locked the door and hid from me.

Hotel Cortes

Since it was a quiet day, Larry, Karen and I took a drive to Hotel Cortes which is a short drive south of us.  It is a rather old hotel but the building and grounds are immaculate and the gardening was great. Unfortunately, the help there far outnumbered the guests.  We had a quick drink at the bar and left.

Cactus Hotel Cortes

We took a motor tour of some of the local neighborhoods around there and they are pretty amazing.  According to Larry, it is mostly middle class Mexicans that live there and I would have to say some of them are doing very well for themselves.

We managed to make it to Froggy’s for some food, drink and futbal Americano. I had some diablo chicken strips that you could have used to jump start a nuclear reactor, they were so hot.  I will have to learn that Mexicans don’t kid around about their spices.  It was delicious and after many beers the smoke stopped coming out of my ears.

We settled in for the afternoon and night, watched the sun set and fired up the Christmas lights for the evening. A dinner of Dorado, potato salad and green salad topped the day.


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