Graduation Day

Getting Mexico

January 4, 2011

Graduation Day

This was a really big day! Well it was what passes for a really big day here in quiet San Carlos.  Not only was I starting my new career as a working illegal, I was graduating from Spanish class.  And I officially became mexicanized because I found the 60 degree morning temperature almost too much to bear.  I wore a jacket until it warmed up to an acceptable 72 degrees.

So we went to school and finished our last lesson.  It is also Maestra Dolores’s last lesson at the Paradiso.  She is moving her school to the garage of her new home near Evie’s coffee shop in the marina.  At the end of our last lesson we had an official ceremony where we got our diplomas.  I can hand this piece of paper to any Spanish speaking person in the world and they have to understand what I am saying.  The paper says I am bonafide.

La Maestra happy to be rid of me


So then we ran off to a Rotary Club meeting at the Hotel Real.  Larry is a Rotarian and we went as guests to join them for lunch.  Most of the Rotarians are gringos and their main cause is to get Mexicans to continue their education pass the sixth grade by offering to cover the expenses.  A fine bunch of people.  They serve margaritas by the pitcher at lunch so you know they are good people. We were laying the ground work for Dolores to get into the Rotary since their interests are similar.  We had lunch with her sponsor, Martin, who just happens to own Evie’s which is right next door to Dolores’s new school.

Then we rushed back to Maestra Dolores’s new school which will be in the garage of her new house, which is near the marina, which is walking distance from our casa which is right next door to Evie’s which has the best cinnamon rolls in town.  So this all fits together really well for someone like me who likes his morning pastel (cake) with his Spanish

We surveyed the situation and then we went over to Paradiso hotel to disassemble the old classroom and move it to its new site.  We got the important parts moved and then Larry and I fixed a table and hung marker boards so that the business of murdering the Spanish language could continue unabated.  Since we were in the country illegally the pay was not that great.  But we did get to go to the hardware store twice and search for hardware with out new best friend Jesus.  As it turns out Jesus is a much sterner task master then La Maestra when it comes to Spanish.

Paying Off El Jefe


But at five o’clock it was quitting.  I may be illegal but I want my cerveza on schedule.  Besides, La Maestra could not afford our overtime rates.

Some time in the afternoon, Karen managed to get over to some absent friends’ house and strip their fruit trees.  Nothing tastes better than stolen fruit.

Las fruitas de Mr. Dee


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