Getting Right with the man

Getting Mexico

January 5, 2011

Getting Right with the Man

Only one picture today but it is a good one


On some days the best part is over when the sun rises. I was up early and able to get some nice pictures of the sun coming up on an otherwise cloudy day.  Mi gusto. I like it.

After a quick trip to the gym, and a breakfast of stolen fruit, thank you Mr Dee, we were off to immigration to get ourselves right with the man.  We traveled to Guaymas and when we got there things were looking up-the office was open.

We waited  in line and visited with Richard who we had met at the Rotary luncheon. It is a small world down here.  After a while we got to go up and beg forgiveness for our sins.  The gentleman behind the counter was very willing to sign us up for a 6 month stay in Mexico but he could do nothing about getting us a tourist card for right now.  That was the last straw for me. I have decided I am gong to find a senorita and have an anchor baby.  That will probably take less time then finding a legitimate way to stay in Mexico. 

After getting shot down one more time, we went off to do our required shopping.  Once we had emptied the stores of beer and wine we stored it all in our casa.  We now have enough on hand that if the federales lay  siege to us we can probably last for four days. And if we are not laid siege to, it will be gone in about the same time.

For lunch we went out to La Manga which has become our favorite place for lunch.  It is beautiful out there and the people don’t speak any English so it works out well.  I showed them my diploma and from that point forward I was understood very well.  After the required raw oysters, I ordered some fish chips which are nothing like ‘fish and chips’.  They are chunks of fish fried to perfection.  Larry had Boston style shrimp because none of us could imagine when we had ever seen a  shrimp in Boston.  The Mexican interpretation of this dish is medium size shrimp wrapped in bacon and cheese.  Que deliciosa!  Karen had garlic fish which we all knew would be good.  We are slowly working our way through the menu trying to find something we don’t like. Much more research is needed in this area.

On the way out we watched a guy cut up a yellowfin until we could not stand it any more.  We got Dona Rosa, who is the lady who owns the place, and she agreed to sell us some.  It was six bucks for three honking size fillets of this beautiful fish.  Can’t wait until dinner now.


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