Free at Last

Getting Mexico

January 6, 2011

Free at last

It dawned another cloudy day on Thursday and we got up before dawn.  We were on a mission to get right with a man.  Short of having a baby, the only way to do this was to drive 270 miles back to the frontier and pick up the tourist card we should have got on the way in.

So off we went.  We had a quick stop in Santa Ana for some breakfast and then on to the frontier below Nagales.  Once we got there, we mad a U-turn before entering the US and stopped and got our tourist cards on the Mexico side:

Drive to Frontier- 4 and ½ hours

Price of  tourist card- 262 pesos

Drive back from frontier-4 1nd ½ hours

Feeling of being legal- priceless.





Bob legal


This is how we do it in county lockup


No longer will we have to work at small jobs for sub standard pay.  For 180 days from today, I have rights.  Of course I won’t be here that long but it feels good to do the right thing.

So it was four and one half hours back to the casa.  We settled in for drinks and I made up some lobster gumbo.  I am not sure that anyone has ever put 7 lobsters in a gumbo before but it sure was good.  Then it was on to football and relaxing from a tough day. Early to bed as it had been another long day running from the law.


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