Reform School

Getting Mexico

January7, 2011

Reform School

The !best sunrise ever


The second best sunrise picture ever.


So after my first night of being legal and sleeping well I awoke to one of the best sunrises ever.  I took the above picture from about 6:30 to 6:35.  And then it was over. 

After a quick workout it was back to school.  Someone, a sister who will call Regina to protect the innocent, has been on my back about my Spanish spelling.  Dang!  All I get are complaints.  To help in this matter it was back into school with me and my classmates for more work on our Spanish.

But first we had to work on the schoolhouse of La Maestra Dolores.  There are always more dry boards to hang and visits to the hardware store that are necessary.  We all decided to delay school while Larry and I worked as now legal aliens doing the things necessary to set the new place right.  Once we ran out of materials we went over to Evie’s to get some good coffee and settled in for the first class in Dolores’s new location.

After class we ran off to Panchito Villas for some well deserved food.  Then it was off to the hardware store to buy more supplies. Then it was off to Mr. Dee’s for more free frutas.  This is a very busy vacation.  Very stressful.

I then settled onto the veranda to study and drink these very small Coronitas.  Coronitas is a Spanish word for ‘you bought beer that was too small’.  These things have two swallows in each bottle.  I am counting the numerous trips to the refrigerator as an aerobic workout.

After another wonderful dinner by Senora Karen of pork stew, Larry and I wondered on down to Froggy’s to watch LSU put a whupping on Texas A and M.  As we were leaving for the night a really good band was just cranking up and the after hours crowd was just moving in.  When Larry and I left, the average age of the clientele dropped by about twenty years.


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