Raiders of the Lost Arch

Getting Mexico

January 8, 2011

Raiders of the Lost Arch

So on a Saturday morning we decided to all go kayaking and to take la Maestra Dolores along with us.  I think I mentioned that she is an environmentalist and truly loves the Sea of Cortez.  . 

It was kind of windy for so early in the morning.  And they did not have enough single kayaks so we had to double up and take two person kayaks.  So we set off round the bays with Larry and Karen in one and me and La Maestra in the other.

I soon learned that just because Dolores loves the sea it does not necessarily make her a good kayaker.  Quite the contrary.  She was so busy looking for fish and giving me the guided tour she rarely had time to paddle.  I, on the other hand, am quite the expert at kayaking as I am at so many things.  At least in my head I am.

So we paddled around and went through these rock arches.  Did I mention the wind was blowing?  So in true expert fashion Dolores and I managed to get the nose of the kayak stuck on a rock.  The wind turned us sideways and then the rear of the kayak got stuck on another rock putting us sideways to the wind and in danger of tipping over. So in a very gentle tone I asked for Dolores to push us off of the rock with her paddle.  I did not know that in a panic situation Dolores no longer speaks or understands English. I am not sure if she even speaks Spanish in these situations. So in the manner I have been taught, when someone does not understand you, I just said it louder.  A lot louder.  Some would call it yelling but that is a judgment call.  It did not matter what I said or how loud because Dolores was not much help.  In my true Raiders of the Lost Arch fashion I did managed to get us out of there, in effect saving Dolores’s life so she can torture future generations with her Spanish classes.

When I asked her why she did not help by pushing us off with her paddle she replied, “I don’t have a paddle.  I have an oar. And I don’t understand English when I panic.” Great! I made a note of that.  So we managed to continue without much more in the way of adventure.  The water was beautiful out there but it was too windy to see the fish.

In the afternoon, Larry and I wandered down to Froggy’s, our favorite sports bar.  There we watched the Saints get killed by a team that didn’t deserve to be on the field with them. And then we had a nice dinner of smoked pork chops and grilled vegetables.  Dolores was in attendance to tell us tales of her life in Mexico.  Good fun and another day effectively wasted



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2 responses to “Raiders of the Lost Arch

  1. kyle

    You are killing me….I laughed so hard when i read this, I almost fell off my chair. What a great story teller you are. You give Dolores a run for the money as story tellers go. Bravo!


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