Safety First

Getting Mexico

January 9, 2011

Safety First

Sunday was a day of coffee shops, Froggy’s and football.  Boring really.  So I thought today I would give the first in a series of presentations called “Safety First”

One of the first things that struck me upon arriving here was the level of the electrical infrastructure.  So I have been taking pictures and here  are some of them:

Now this is a typical electrical service panel open to the street. It is available to anyone who wishes to stick their fingers in there to see if the circuits are live.  The meters are there to measure the current that is not going through your body.

This is a switch I found hanging from a tree. It is used to turn on outdoor lighting at a very nice hotel.  This is a convenience for the guests because if for some reason the switch is broken, one could put two fingers across the wiring and light up themselves and the outdoor lights.

This is wiring I found right above the washing machine in our casa.  Now to be fair, these look like low voltage alarm wires.  I am not sure why each of them has a 100 k resistor twisted onto them.  This is shown for its artistic merit.

This is a electrical service I found down the street.  The meter is missing.  By simply applying a crowbar or robust screwdriver across the terminal one could have free electricity.

This is a wiring junction found lying on the ground.  It rarely rains here in San Carlos but if it does, I recommend wearing rubber boots during your walk.

Same as above which leads me to believe it is to code.

This is an unused wiring for a light standard.  Since the light standards along this street are fairly new I have to assume this is just a spare.  There are many of these along the street.

This is the wiring in the front wall of the casa.  This goes to the auxiliary water pump for the house. When the city water goes out you need to use the auxiliary water pump.  So it is nice that the wires are left exposed so one can put power to the pump manually, avoiding the use of a costly switch.

This is a picture of a picture.  Yes it is a receptacle surrounded by bacon.  I do not know why.  It is art.

My friend Larry believes the wring standards used in San Carlos are there to help improve the Mexican race.  Anyone dumb enough to touch one of the above is probably going to be eliminated from the gene pool.  This would ensure that the smarter ones survive.  Since there are few lawyers in Mexico I would have to assume the system is working.

Next  “Topes. Why God made Jeeps”


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