La Manga Revsited

Getting Mexico

January 10, 2011

La Manga Revisited

So it was back to Monday and we had to get back to our normal grind.  After a visit to the gym Larry and I went off to school and worked on the classroom for a while before class started.  We have hit a steady stride of working about 45 minutes between trips to the hardware store.  I don’t want to suffer career burn out.

After class we went off to La Manga for another grand lunch.  Dolores wanted to take some supplies out to the school there.  We also had taken all of the candy canes off of our Christmas tree to give to the kids out there.  (Thank you Ray and Liz. I am getting good mileage out of that tree).  The school in La Manga is one of Dolores’s projects.  Those kids have so little it is amazing that any of them get any education at all.

La Maestra Isabel with one of her studetns


The Student at the chalk board


The school room for 16 students


The computer room


The entire school room


After our visit we went on to the restaurant for lunch.  La Manga does do the fresh sea food very well.  After raw oysters I had a toasted pregnant which they call “The Embarrassment” It is shrimp and crab piled on top of a tostado.  Then I had a shrimp cocktail that was out of this world.  Everyone else had dishes that were ever bit as good as mine.

We got back to the casa and I studied a little.  At sundown we went off to Froggy’s to watch the NCAA championship game. Congrats to the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks for putting on a good show.   Froggy’s is a sports bar and there was one other person besides the three of us watching the game.  The staff there was waiting for us to leave so they could close up.  Things are very quiet in San Carlos on a Monday night.



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