Just another day

Getting Mexico

January 11, 2011

Just Another Day

Tuesday was a day of early classes for us so I skipped the gym.  Early is 9:30 AM and that does not leave much time for anything but coffee and fruit on the veranda.

After class we went off to another Rotary luncheon at the Hotel Fiesta Real.  The meeting was short, the margaritas were good and the food was good also.  It was my kind of a meeting.  If they were to skip the meeting and just bring more margaritas and food I would like that even better.

While the meeting was winding down I went out and took some pictures of the hotel.  While this is a modern hotel on a very nice beach, I am not certain that anyone was staying there.  From what I can see, this is a common theme in San Carlos.  There are a lot of businesses that have closed and a lot of them that are open with no one in them. But I am probably more worried about it then the Mexicans who seem to have a way of shrugging this little downturn in business off.

Hotel Fiesta Real


A lonely Beach at Feista Real

We retired to the veranda for some studying and reading. We were soon joined by Sergio the caretaker of the house.  I believe Sergio’s job is to clean up the garden and water the plants.  But he prefers to sit on the veranda with us and eat peanuts twice a week.  In the meantime the garden continues to stay alive and that seems to suit everyone involved.

At dinner time I wandered down to Froggy’s because I heard that there was going to be a blues band playing there.  When I got there the place was packed!  The night before there was four of us in there watching the game. Tonight it was standing room only and the dance floor was packed.  What a change.  The band was made up of gringos and I think the local expats come out to support them.  It was nice to see a bunch of people having fun.

On the way home I stopped by the Paradise bar because it is a nice looking establishment with an upstairs bar.  When I walked in I was alone.  The bartender followed me in and sold me a beer.  Then because there was precious little else to do we played table soccer and I practiced my bad Spanish on her.  I am not sure who won the game because we were both equally bad.


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