Getting Mexico

January 13, 2011


A pelican's beak holds more than its belly can


Thursday was just a routine day.  The weather promised to be warm and sunny. Ho Hum.  I made a quick trip to the gym and then it was off to school with Larry and Karen.  

School is good but my head is getting full. Dolores keeps it interesting by having us play games. Someone draws a picture card from a deck and has to describe what is on the card. The others have to listen closely and try to guess what it is they are describing.  When it comes to my turn I usually describe an elephant or a sheep no matter what the card says.  I find it is much easier to do it that way.  The only drawback to my system is that there are not that many elephants or sheep in San Carlos so they don’t come up often in conversation.   But if I ever get to the circus or a sheep ranch I am going to be well able to describe where I am.

After school it was off to lunch at Panchito Villas for some more of their good enchiladas.  We have them convinced that we know how to speak Spanish there.  Our teacher went there without us and asked if we had been there.  The waiter said that he had seen the three gringos who speak good Spanish.  I think the expectation of the local populace is not very high in this area.  I had the sheep enchiladas by the way.

In the afternoon Larry and I studied while Karen went off on a girls’ trip with Dolores to Guaymas.  It ended up being another quiet evening and after a nice dinner of pasta and salad it was off to bed with a good book.



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2 responses to “Enchiladas

  1. kyle

    Please revise your vocabulary….those are NOT games you play with Dolores, those are “educational activities” wink wink

    PS I am so enjoying your blog. thank you so much for sharing it!


    • Bob

      She hates it when we have fun with her games but she is getting use to it. Thanks to you we hooked up with her and are having great fun and learning a little Spanish.


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