It’s a dog eat dog world

Getting Mexico

January 14, 2011

We had to get to school early on this Friday because Larry and I had been slipping behind in our work on the schoolroom.  It seems we are always running out of material, needing a coffee break or having to stop to study Spanish.  But today we made great progress and worked 7 or 8 minutes before stopping for coffee.  Hey! This is Mexico and I don’t want to upset the balance between work and no work that they have established here.

We studied Spanish for a couple of hours and then we went off to Bananas for lunch.  The best part of learning Spanish is going to lunch.  Bananas has a sunny courtyard that we enjoy and the food is pretty good.  I like the beer there as it seems to be superior for some reason.

The name says it all


Back at la casa we studied and read.  In the evening La Maestra Dolores joined us for dinner with some of her special salsa that was pretty darn good.  I made my famous shrimp and chicken gumbo that I get out of a box and it was pretty darn good too.

 Dolores kept us entertained with stories of her youth in Mexico City and her life living with the raccoons at Hotel Paradiso.  I believe I have reported that Hotel Paradiso is this magnificent looking resort on the north end of town that Dolores use to live in.  Apparently there were more raccoons living there than people, some in the same room with her.  We all think it best that she has moved to the marina.  Especially since she is now next to Evie’s which has good coffee and cinnamon rolls, not that I ever eat one.

Dolores also informed us that she had signed a contract to teach Spanish to Tyco employees in the area.  This is a rather big deal since Tyco is a pretty big company with a lot of Americans in the area looking after the manufacturing they have going on in the area.  With all of her new found wealth I plan on asking for a raise before I do any more work on her classroom. They can’t keep the little man down forever.

It's a dog eat dog world in Mexico


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