Getting Mexico

January 16, 2011


It was Saturday and we had no classes today which is a good thing.  We had a leisurely breakfast without the rush of having to get to school by the crack of 10 AM.  Larry and Karen went off to walk the beaches on the north end of town and I stayed at home to study and write and nap.  I managed to take a nap so one out of three is not bad.

I drove out to the Soggy Peso to meet Larry and Karen for lunch. It was a beautiful day on the beach but a bit windy.  When I got to the Soggy Peso there was a horse in my parking spot so I took a picture of it for my sister, who we will call Regina to protect her identity. Regina, not her real name, has confused topes with some horse event in Costa Rica. This picture is to help her understand that horses are rarely used as speed bumps in Mexico. They use them to indicate where to park. It is much more humane.

This is NOT a tope


We had a nice lunch of beer, chips, salsa, beans and quesadilla.  Larry and I had to carb up because after lunch we had to go to the school and finish the work we had started there a couple of weeks ago.  We had made as many trips to the hardware store as we were allowed and now we just had to do the work.  So we did.  We got all of La Maestra’s boards hung, put up some broom holders, modified her lights so she could use her projector, fixed a light above her sink, and fixed her table so it is stronger.  And after all of this, the thanks we get for a job well done is that we get laid off.

So the irony continues.  When I was illegal I had all of the work I wanted.  Okay. It wasn’t much but it was all I wanted.  Now that I have my green card, I am unemployed without any prospect of another job.  And the welfare office is not open on Sunday. I am not sure there IS a welfare office.  The only thing left for me is a life of crime.  I think I will go steal fruta off of Mr. Dee’s trees.  They will never take me alive.

Down and out in San Carlos


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