Slave Labor

Getting Mexico

January 16, 2011

Slave labor

Sunday is my day of rest after a hard week of studying and doing chores for Dictator  Director Dolores.  It is also my day to wander down to Evie’s and have my weekly treat of a cinnamon roll and some of Martin’s good coffee.  I was waited on by yet another of Martin’s beautiful daughters, of which he seems to have an endless supply.  Poor guy.

The wall a t Evie’s

After my morning stroll around the marina is was back to the salt mines.  Someone had volunteered us to help finish moving Dolores out of the Paradiso hotel and into her new house.  The Paradiso is such a sad story.  It is a beautiful well built hotel on the prettiest beach in San Carlos.  But economic times and the last hurricane have just about finished it off.  Dolores had to move out because they were going to cut the power and water off in her wing.  Besides there is no one left out there but her and the raccoons.

But why did she have to live on the fourth story of a three story building?  So it was up and down the stairs carrying all of her treasures down to my SUV so we could transport them to the marina.  And then she made me run up the stairs.  It was tough duty but we got it all done in about 33 trips on stairs that went up in both directions.  So now there are only raccoons at Paradiso.

View from Dolores's deck-Paradiso



But the payoff for working so hard was lunch at La Manga.  And we brought our own cold beer so we had all that we needed.  The food there just seems to get better as we try more new dished every time we go.  Then we usually share what we order so we get to have a wide variety of things to eat. The place was packed, as a mid afternoon Sunday meal is a nice treat for most Mexicans.  It was a nice treat for us three gringos and the Dictator Director Dolores too.

Cerviche on the left. World Famous Toasted Pregnant on the right


Boston Shrimp


Larry got the Boston shrimp which has nothing to do with Boston and precious little to do with shrimp. It is cheese wrapped in bacon and then fried.  I am not sure where the shrimp got involved. We have decided if they could chicken fry this and smother it with brown gravy it would be the perfect man-food.

After a hard day of eating and drinking it was back to the casa to sleep through a football game and get ready for the next meal.  This I get.


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