Two days of Detention

Getting Mexico

January 17, 2011

Two days of detention.

Pretty Flower


Well today was the day we were suppose to have graduated and cast off the shackles of La Maestra Dolores and really start our vacation.  But that was not the case.  Because of some of the unkind, albeit true, things I have said about her we all have to stay two days in detention.  It seems that Dolores usually charges people to get into her class but in my case, at least, she is going to charge me to get out.  Life was better when I was an illegal and just had to fear the Federales.  This is much worse.

So it was another day of class where we now take turns telling stories and trying to figure out what each of us is saying.  Actually, it is not any where near that bad and we understand one another quite well within the limits of our vocabulary. We are well pass the point where we can get pretty much anything we want on the local economy in the native language. Not so bad for 24 hours of class. But apparently it is not enough to graduate. All my stories were about sheep and elephants.

After an afternoon of reading, writing and studying we were joined by Karen and Dee Searson who arrived to spend some time in the home they own here in San Carlos.  Or maybe they just showed up to protect their fruit trees from the raccoons that have been stealing the fruit.  Raccoons will do that you know.  That is my story and I am sticking with it.

I wrestled this from a raccoon

We had a great dinner and caught up with Dee and Karen. Then we spent time revisiting past adventures we have had together and making plans for future ones.  A very pleasant evening was had by all.


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