Getting Closer

Getting Mexico

January 18, 2011

Getting Closer

Tuesday was our first day of detention.  It was rather special because we got our encyclopedia/dictionary that Dolores gives to all of her graduating students.  We got ours in spite of the fact that we were not going to graduate.  But I did get her to put an approximate graduation date in the front cover of my book and sign it.  I have three degrees from various colleges and universities and I don’t remember any of them being this difficult to obtain.

The classroom is about done as Dolores spent some time arranging the things we had moved on Sunday to where she wanted them. What use to be a garage is now a comfortable classroom for 3 or 4 students which is pretty much the maximum number that La Maestra will teach at one time.

Dolores Karen and Lorenso


Bob and his new best friend


Once class was out it was off down the dusty bouncy road to La Manga for lunch.  The other Karen and Mr. Dee were waiting for us there so we settled in for another great meal.

Larry and I ordered a dozen oysters to share.  But they only had 9 so that is what they brought.  Then as we watched, Antonio pulled on this long line that went from the restaurant to the sea and he towed in these baskets that sit out in the sea on buoys.  When the baskets got to shore he marched down there in his Pierre Port Reeboks (white rubber boots for those of you who don’t know where Pierre Port is in South Louisiana) and with some help he carried this big basket of fresh oysters up to the restaurant.  A few minutes later we were served the remaining three oysters on the half shell.  It does not get much fresher than this.

Fresh Oysters


The rest of the day was spent shopping in Guaymas for essentials like propane and beer.  For dinner we settled in for some fresh ling cod we had bought from Antonio at La Manga.  Another day wasted. This I get.


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  1. kyle

    the classroom looks great! How wonderful that you three showed up in Dolores’ life just when she needed you. Now, let me give you my address, I have a few things that need fixin


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