Resorting to bribery

Getting Mexico

January 19, 2011

Resorting to Bribery

On this Wednesday I decided to no longer take the high moral road with these Spanish Classes.  I decided to use a bribe to spring me and my fellow inmates out of these endless Spanish classes and rounds of detention.  In Mexico a bribe is called a ‘gift’ so it was off to look for the proper ‘gift’ for La Maestra Dolores.

I thought this was going to be an easy thing to do since I knew what I wanted and where to buy it.  I wanted to get an electronic picture display to use as a bribe gift.  Ahh but this is Mexico and not everything is easy.  It was off to Hermosillo a sizeable town that is 145 kilometers away, uphill all the way.  Once we got there we started trying to find El Costco which is fine Mexican vending establishment.  We immediately got lost and resorted to stopping on the street and asking for directions, in Spanish.  While we could always manage to say’ Donde es El Costco’ we could not always understand all the instructions given to us since the Mexican people speak very fast and a lot of them have not been to Dolores’s class.  And as luck would have it I had forgotten my diploma so that was of no help.

Electronis Department


But we got there and then had to, once again in Spanish, query the staff about this device that we wanted.  We soon learned the proper word for what we wanted but, alas, they did not have them.  They sent us to Mega Mercado who sent us to Office Max who sent us to Radio Shack.  As we searched for these places using our best Spanish we stumbled upon Office Depot (no help) and finally Wal-Mart where we struck gold.  We had to get help from Alan who did not speak English but we finally made our purchase.  Then it was 145 kilometers home, uphill all of the way.

Once home we loaded some of ours and Dolores’s favorite pictures on this thing and wrapped it up using newspaper, electrical tape and the Christmas bows we had used on our gates. I thought the electrical tape was a nice touch with the condition of the electrical service in this area.

Dee and Karen joined us for dinner as did Dolores.  We gave her the bribe gift which she really liked a lot.  We also explained how we had to go all the way to Hermosillo in the blowing snow, use our Spanish on people who had not been to her class and spent what little money we had made working as illegals all in hope of getting our diplomas. No dice.  We still have to go to school on Thursday. Dang. This plan would have worked in the U.S.

So we settled in for another meal of shrimp gumbo, salad and roasted pineapple ala Lorenzo and had another pleasant evening visiting here in San Carlos.

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2 responses to “Resorting to bribery

  1. kyle

    Querida Roberto,
    ¿qué voy a hacer cuando deje de escribir sobre su aventuras San Carlos? Tu’ me hace reír todos los días. Gracias


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