Free at Last Free at last

Getting Mexico

January 20, 2011

Free at last, free at last

So my friends this adventure, such as it is, winds down.  I have eaten enough raw oysters for this time.  I have almost eaten enough shrimp.  I have beaten a rut in the road to La Manga which is hardly noticeable because the road to La Manga is a rut. I have drunk enough beer and need to dry out my liver.  (Note:  Mexican six packs of beer have eight beers in them.  This I get.)  I have survived enough of what passes for civil engineering here in San Carlos.  It is time to head home to Wrinkle Ranch where the only thing I have to fear is a slow lingering death by clogged arteries.

But first we have to tie up a few loose ends.  Yes, my partners in crime and I did eventually graduate from La Maestra Dolores’s class.  After a month of doing her chores, skirting immigration officials, bribery, and a little studying we did get our diplomas.  We even got extra credit for our detention and so our record is officially unblemished.  It was well worth the effort. Dolores’s ability to teach a numbskull like me Spanish is remarkable.  Her insight into the Mexican way of life actually made the trip worth while.  Don’t tell her I said so.

When bribes don't work-use threats


Graduating with honors


So after our last class it was off to La Manga for our celebratory lunch of toasted pregnants and crab tostados. And then it was a relaxing afternoon, where for the first time, we did not have to study.  We spent the afternoon and evening going through the last of our good food and will now have to resort to restaurants and the kindness of strangers in order to sustain ourselves. We do have one more day of packing and saying goodbyes here in San Carlos but we will all be heading north early on Saturday morning.  So this could be the last time you hear from me in a while. Or maybe not.  You never know what is going to happen.

Muy precioso-very precious



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3 responses to “Free at Last Free at last

  1. kyle

    Congratulations to you and the other two illegals on your graduation from la clase de espanol con la maestra Dolores.


  2. Kitty

    Bob! Just got your page from the Woodland’s webpage. You crack me up! Glad you are the shining example of what to do with your retirement since I just joined those ranks!


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