Safety First-part 3

Safety First Part 3

Random Acts of Safety

For today’s lecture we will focus on random acts of safety found in the San Carlos area.  I have never intentionally looked for any of these items they are just there.  Seemingly every where.

First we go to Guaymas where there is a large embarcadero along the waterfront with areas for children to play.  One of the areas has  toadstool like chairs for the children to jump on.  To make it more interesting the chair is surrounded with these metal blades. These blades have no function in supporting the chair so I will leave it your imagination what they were put there for. I am quite certain that the contract for these chairs was awarded based on artistic merit.  The sponsor was Johnson and Johnson..

Suicide stool


Just to add a twist to this chair a coupe of blades were broken off.  There is little danger of cutting yourself on these broken shards of metal. Well, of cutting yourself any worse at least.

Suicide chair with a twist

Then we get to the collapsed grate over the roadway.  I am not certain what the grate was there for since there is no drainage on either end.  So if it serves no purpose there was no reason to make it strong.  Once it collapses this cobbled street with topes turns into a tank trap.  Maybe that is what it is for. It has been years since San Carlos has been invaded so it must work very well.

Tank Trap

Now this is basically the same thing as the tank trap but it is a collapsed manhole cover.  Some unsuspecting sot ran over it and crushed it.  So that no one else would suffer the same faith, some ‘caution’ tape was put there in order to warn the next person.  You can see it lying on the ground in the back of the picture

Broken manhole with safety tape

.  As an added bonus there are electrical wires in the bottom of this thing.

Broken manhole with electrical wires


Now the next one is just an open electrical panel.  I am not sure if a car could run over this.  Open electrical panels must be the code here because I rarely see one that is closed.  I have never seen anyone working on these things so I am going to assume they like them to be open. I think they are drying to dry out the electricity.

Open manhole cover


In order to protect light standards from being run into by cars, there is occasionally and effort made to protect them with a bumper as shown in the following picture.  This effort is not very widespread and results are mixed.

bumper for light pole


In the following picture we have a termite eaten light pole.  I am beginning to think that the neighbor may be more right than previously thought.  Having the reinforcement bar expose does allow for a better conductive path to ground once you touch one of the exposed electrical wires that are certainly nearby.

Termite eaten concrete pole


I know I am going on an on about the electrical stuff.  But here is an outdoor lamp socket spliced into some overhead wires.  There is no bulb in the socket and it is facing upwards.  I believe this is a rain gauge of some sort but cannot be sure.

electrical rain gauge


Now we are in a sensitive area.  This is La Maestra Dolores’s projector arrangement.  If you look closely you can see the precision pitch alignment of the books holding up the rear of the projector with the felt tip pen on the front leg adding just the right amount of roll trim. 

Calibrated projector

Now I could not publish the above picture before I finished my studies because I would been failed for certain and then probably had sensitive parts of my body hooked up to this light that is over her sink.

light socket

The end

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