Spring is here

March 28, 2011

The weather forecasters had promised sunshine this week and I was going to hold them to it.  Winter has been long and hard on us Californians.  Snow in San Francisco!  Fifty feet of snow in the mountains.  Come on.  I think I will move to New England.

But I digress as I often do. I had doctors’ appointments in Palo Alto on Monday.  And since I had to go that far I figured I would just keep on going.  My little ‘Spicy Meatball’ had only been used to go back and forth to the gym which is only about 1/4 of a mile.  It was time to get out and let the Italian ponies run.  So after getting less than the best news from the doctor I was off like weight off of a super model.

My first stop was at the running car in Palo Alto.  I don’t know what a running car is or why someone would make a sculpture to one.  I just report the news. I don’t make it.

O.K.  That was pretty lame.  So then I went off to the ‘recycle art museum’ in San Jose.  I followed the instruction to this site but there was nothing there.  So I went off  in search of the West Coast.  How could I miss that.  Among the way to Half Moon Bay I found the dinosaur farm.

He is metal and he is mad!
Then I had to backtrack a bit to find the Flintstone house.

Yes I know they look like giant breasts

This is one of those things that is better seen in person.  This house is in a very upscale neighborhood and it overlooks Hwy 101.  I did not get chance to go inside because Fred was not  home.
I headed back out to my favorite ride in the whole county-California Hwy 1 along the coast.  It was a perfect day for this drive.  The recent storms had had their way with the roads and the mountains and things were pretty rough.  I made it to Santa Cruz and to the World Famous Mystery Spot.  The road to this place was so bad that it is a mystery that anyone actually makes it there.  The tree cover on this road was so thick that the satellite reception for my radio would fade in and out. Or maybe the mystery spot blocks out radio transmissions. Who knows?  There was a wait to take the tour so I moved on.
Off to Montery where I got the bad news that Highway 1 was closed just south of Monterey.  That kind of mess up my plans.  But sometimes messed up plans lead to better things.  To get any further south I had to take a much unused Carmel Valley Road which surprisingly enough goes to Carmel Valley Village.  The good news is that the road goes through the most beautiful country and apparently no one uses it.
Well it was not long before I had the little meatball singing at over 5000 rpms. I was just having a blast when I caught up with a 1967 Citroen that was doing the same thing.  We tore up the countryside with him finally giving me the lead.  We caught up with his group of cars that he was traveling with: Sunbeam, RH drive Mini, Mustang, and Jaguar.  Off we went ripping up the road.  I finally had to pull over because I got cramps in my throttle foot.  My Citroen friend pull over, literally in a cloud of engine and brake smoke to say hello.  These are new friends whose names I will never know.

#183 on Hwy 1

I finally had to say goodbye to my racing buddies and get on Highway 101 which goes through some beautiful country.  Relatively boring driving as most highways are but at least it was a workable road.


As dusk was coming upon me i found myself in Atascadero.  While I had great plans of spending the night on the coast i was out of steam and settled in for the night.


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