I hear the train acoming

I Hear the Train

June 27,2011

It has been a livelong dream of mine since March of this year to travel the country by train.  I  have always wanted to circumcise the US by the old fashion method of riding the rails. So I have bought myself a rail pass and I am off to try my hand at traveling at a more sedate speed.  And I don’t have to drive.  It sounds like a good plan.  We shall see.I have not been on a train in many a year so I don’t know much about what is in store so that will make it something of an adventure.

While there are over 20 trains a day that come near my home in Manteca every day, none of these go in a direction that I want to go.  So I had to make my way to Sacramento to get
better choices.  In general, you only get four choices with trains; North, South, East or West.  I wanted to go south on the Coast Starlight route so I got my neighbors Nick and Kathleen to drive me to Sacramento.  Nick steals from me while I am away so it is the least that he can do. And we had a nice dinner at Fats in Old Sacramento before they drop me at my motel for the night.

What?  Sorry.  I want to CIRCUMSCRIBE the country by train.  What did you think I said?



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2 responses to “I hear the train acoming

  1. kyle

    I can hardly wait to hear the details of your “circumcision” But I don’t understand why you have to go on a train to have it done. Oh, and one other thing….please: no pictures of the circumcising


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