Los Angeles

El Pueblo de Nuestra
Sennora de la Reina deLos Angeles

The City of Our Lady
Queen of Angels

(I just did that to
impress la Maestra)

June 29 ,2011

So after a good night’s sleep I woke up thinking I was in Chicago.  It took me a full cup of coffee to realize I was in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles.  With early onset Alzheimer’s this trip is
going to be a lot more exciting. That along with my A.D.D. will make life a lot  of fun.  A.D.D. = Attention Deficit ….look there is a butterfly!

Speaking of excitement I have to tell everyone about my toilet.  This thing looks like something  I could ride to the moon.  I know that the Japanese like their toilets but this thing is outlandish.  And I thought ‘bidet’ was just the Aussie way of saying ‘birthday’ as in “Happy B’day mate”.  I was going to go to Disneyland today but after my morning coffee kicked in this thing was the only E ticket ride I needed.  I find the “Wash On” icon especially appealing.  I mean that is a  butt crack no matter what language you speak.


So after my love affair with the commode ended I went out exploring the City of Angels  by daylight when I was less likely to die. I spent the morning wandering the streets of downtown.  I did not see many angels unless they have traded their wings for shopping carts.  Actually, LA is pretty much like any other big town I have ever been too.  It is just that while I have been around LA a lot, I had never been downtown.  In any case LA is more about long beaches and enhanced blonds-the true silicon valley in every sense of the word.

LAPD bicycles

I took time to visit Little Tokyo which really is little and could very well be Tokyo. There were lots of souvenir shops and places to eat all sorts of raw things that did not look like they were quite done dying.  At least the mafia did not seem to be around so maybe they did get killed off.

In my wanderings I found the Avila house which was the first home in LA circa 1818.  It is open to the public and remarkably good repair.  On the same street are a lot of street vendors and outdoor diners so the entire place has the feel of Old Mexico.  Across the plaza is the first fire house circa 1884.

Fire Engine #1

Los Angeles is a great city to see on foot as long as you like to walk because there is a bit of it.  You could just go and hike Rhode Island but the weather would not be so nice.  I made my way back to LA Union Station to catch the Southwest Chief for the next leg of my journey. The train from Chicago was about an hour or so late so I got a late start on my way to Las Vegas, New Mexico. And it got dark early so there was not much to see.  But I had an interesting conversation with my seat mate Brandon who bailed out atRiverside.


Los Angeles, Fullerton, Riverside, San Bernadino, Victorville,,Barstow, Needles

425 Miles

Off into the night we went.



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2 responses to “Los Angeles

  1. Gina

    Hey Bob,
    The high tech toilet must be an old retired man thing. Rick just bought one. He was undecided between a toilet seat and a flag pole, flipped a coin, and the toilet seat won out. Butt hey – this one has an enema function! So you have a butt crack icon with a gentle spray, and a butt crack icon with bored-down nozzle full blast. I didn’t even have to read the instructions to figure that one out, and good thing too, since it’s in Chinese.

    Oh and on the subject of nozzles at full blast, I really like the horse drawn fire apparatus. More of that, please.




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