Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

June 30, 2011

Kingman, Williams JCT., Flagstaff, Winslow, Gallup, Albuquerque, Lamy,Las Vegas,NM.

731 miles

I awoke to bright sunshine and the mountains near…I have little idea where I am at.  I am pretty  sure I am not in Chicago though.  And we are making good time.  I had a good night’s sleep and  lost track of the towns we went through but we are either near Flagstaff or Winslow.  Or Williams Jct.  And we are in that time twilight zone.  It is Pacific Time, Mountain Time or Mountain Standard Time.  I never know what time it is in this part of the country because it can go back and forth and back again in just a few miles.  It will all work out I am sure

Flagstaff New Mexico But the scenery is nice and I know my old friend Route 66 is running along parallel to us on its own journey to Chicago. For those of you who did not make that trip, Route 66 runs along side of this railway. While riding my bike on Route 66 I would often see the trains go by and thought that I might like to join them. Well here I am. Once we cleared the mountain it all turned to high desert and the speed went up to 90mph with little reason to slow down. I finally got reoriented with our trip in Gallup, NM. I also figured out what time zone I was in about then. Gallup is known as the Indian capital of theworld since half of the population there are Indians. I suspect that they wish they had paid more attention to homeland security and then there would be 100 per cent Indians living there. Gallup Arrow
















We stopped in Albuquerque  around noon on Thursday and made a service stop for about one half hour.  Albuquerque is  the biggest town in New Mexico and having about one quarter of the state’s entire population.

New Mexico-sought after for its dry and Invigorating climate.

Factoid: A train is involved in an accident every 90 minutes in the USA. They should find that train and take it out of service.

After we left Albuquerque we started heading North East going towards Lamy.  The scenery became more rolling hills with more shrubbery on the landscape. Once past Lamy we went through Apache canyon with the wall of the canyon being very narrow and almost touching the  train.  Then we descended from Glorieta Pass to the town of Glorieta known for being the site for one of the most westerly battles in the Civil War, The things you learn!

I disembarked in Las   Vegas NM in mid afternoon and decided to walk to my hotel on the plaza.  It was a long walk.  It was hot. There was more horse poop on the sidewalk than there were people.  YEEEHAW. This is the west. I have a sister who would love it here.  We will call her Regina to protect her identity.

There is a Universityof Highlands New Mexicohere and it looks nice.  And the Plaza Hotel, where I am staying, is an 1882 vintage hotel where they actually have keys for the doors.  What a concept!  A real brass looking metal thing to get inside your room!  It never gets demagnetized.  What WILL they think of next!

Once I dumped my bags I went down to the Saloon and had a couple of beers to wash the dust off.  Nice old time saloon with mostly locals and a few returning expatriates who have come back for the fiesta.  They are in the middle of getting ready for their Fiesta de Las Vegas which unfortunately starts just about the time I am leaving tomorrow.

As I started my second beer it began to rain.  Or it began to do what passes for rain here.  At least it washed the dust off the sidewalk if not the horse poop. They are having a pretty severe drought and a good portion of the state is on fire. I am sure they are grateful for the rain.

I strolled around the Plaza as is the custom here.  People I would meet would stop and ask “how  are you” like they really wanted to know.  I am not in LA any more.  And the
plaza is in the style of old Mexico  towns with a band stand and shops set up for window shopping.  ‘La Cucaracha’ could be heard coming from  some unknown source.  Nice. After a dinner at the hotel of blue corn enchiladas and a  glass of wine I called it a night.



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2 responses to “Viva Las Vegas

  1. kyle

    Horse poop on the sidewalk, doesn’t sound like any Las Vegas I know. I may like “your” city of sin much better than the one in Nevada.
    AND, I would love to meet your sister, Regina….or have I?
    Have a great time and keep writing.
    que te vaya bien


    • Bob


      I am in West Las vegas, or the old part of town, not to be confused with East Las Vegas or the newer portion. Neither should be confused with Sin City as this is the polar opposite.

      You have not met Gina. She is a horse person beyond compare. You probably would like her


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