Five Fridays, Five Saturdays and Five Sundays

Five Fridays, Five
Saturdays, Five Sundays

July 3, 2011

 So today was off to a good start but then it took a u-turn.  I did my morning postings and  then went to the gym to get a much needed workout.  Somewhere about the 50th stomach runch I realized I was not well.  I guess I must have picked up a bug being locked in with a bunch of sick people the last few days. I don’t get sick often and like to save it for more serious things.

So I did what I thought I needed to make myself well which was pretty much lay in bed and try not to be sick.  I wanted to give myself a fair shot at continuing my journey this evening.  I got my stay at the hotel extended so I could nurse myself back to help.  So far so good.

To cheer me up my neighbor Nick, who steals from me, sends me a photo of drinking MY beer in MY garage sitting in MY chair. I am pretty sure the cigar is his.  His feisty little Irish wife will kick his butt if she sees him with it. And if I am out of beer when I get home I am going to hire her to kick his butt again.

You think he would at least wash the cars.

I made it over to Amtrak Union Station feeling somewhat better.  So I guess I made the right  choice in staying in bed all day.  I did not see any of Chicago today but I’ll be back.

Factoid:  This month of July has five Fridays, five Saturdays, and five Sundays.  This won’t happen again for 873 years.  (Okay I may have made up the last part.)


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