Bourbon Faced on S@#T Street

Bourbon Faced on S@#T

July 6, 2011

High Point, NC, Salisbury, NC, Charlotte, NC, Gastonia, NC, Spartenburg, NC, Greenville, NC, Clemson SC, Toccoa, GA, Gainesville, GA, Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL .Birmingham, AL, Tuscaloosa, AL, Meridian, MS, Laurel, MS, Hattiesburg, Ms, Picayune, MS, Slidell, LA, New Orleans, LA.

665 miles

I awoke to an overcast day as we pulled into Hotlanta for a service stop. Atlanta is one of the US’s fastest growing cities and has one of the highest crime rates in the country. At the time of the civil war it was the central railroad hub in the south.  It still is home for some major corporations like Coca Cola, AT and T and Home Depot. Because of pollution levels and pollen it is deemed to be the worse city in the country for asthma sufferers. It has a lot of trees so it is pretty.

Atlanta Skyline

The scenery in Georgia and Alabama is predominated by kudzu, the ‘foot a day’ vine, the ‘ mile a minute’ vine or more commonly known as ‘The Vine That Ate the South’.  It was introduced from Japan in 1876 as a soil erosion measure but once it got into the warm, wet Southeastern US it took off expanding at the rate of 150,000 acres a year.  It is a member of the pea family and is good as a food source for both animals and humans and the extract from it is good to cure hangovers and alcoholism.  Now it mostly climbs trees until it smothers and kills them.

We pulled into Tuscaloosa and the damage from this spring’s tornado is pretty widespread and very obvious.  There is still a lot of rebuilding that needs to go on here. And a few miles south of town the remnants of a freight train that had derailed a couple of days before could be seen.  It seems that a tree fell over the tracks and when the freight train came by it sent the train off into the woods.  Several of the people on board were on the Crescent City when it got delayed 7 hours because of this incident.

Factoid:  Every one hour and fifty-five minutes a person or vehicle is hit by a train or hits a
train.  During daylight the trains hit the cars.  After dark the cars hit the trains.

Anyway, we got to New   Orleans after some 27 hours and I got a cab over to my hotel and tossed my stuff in the room. My hotel happened to be at the corner of Canal Street and Bourbon Street and guess which one I took.  Bourbon Street on Wednesday night is like New Years Eve any other any where else. I went from one good music venue to the other, drank some Abita beer and got a little jiggy. Somewhere in there I had some Crayfish etouffee at the Desire restaurant and really enjoyed it. Everything is named ‘Desire’ in New   Orleans including a streetcar.


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