Back on The rails

Back on the Rails

July 9,2011

I had stood in one place long enough and pretty much worn out my sister’s hospitality.  Not really. But it was time to move on.  So after some coffee and biscuits I took the shuttle out tomy car and got underway.  (The shuttle is the golf cart again and the  ride was about 25 feet.  But if you are going to run a B and B you have to have a shuttle equal to the one in Las Vegas,NM.)

I took a short drive ‘up the bayou’ as people in the region would say.  I wanted to revisit some of my ancestral haunts. The first picture is a very small wide spot in the road where my paternal grandfather had a home and a farm.  We lived there around the time I was 6-8 years old.  And pretty much everyone that lived there was named ‘Naquin’.  I know there are many of you who think I am the only person with that name but there are a few more of us.

Naquin's Settlement

The next picture is of my maternal grandparents home and farm just a little further up the bayou from Naquin’s settlement.  I spent many a summer day running around with
cousins chasing the chickens and going hunting with my uncles.

Etienne Arcement's House

And this is the elementary school I went through the first 7 grades. The best 9 years of my life!  The school was old when I attended and is now only used for adult education. And ‘yes’ I did go to school barefooted like a little Cajun Tom Sawyer.  I have shot any a game of marbles under the majestic oaks on the property.

Louis Trosclair Elementary School

But I had to get back to New Orleans and turn in my car and pick up some more train tickets to continue on my journey.

Thibodaux, New Orleans, Hammond, McComb, MS, Brookhaven, MS, Hazelhursst, MS, Jackson, MS, Yazoo City, MS, Greenwood, MS, Menphis, TN, Newbern-Dyersburg, TN

552 miles

As we left New Orleans on ‘The City of New Orleans’ we made our way through some beautiful swamps between Lake Ponchatrain and Lake Maurepas.  There were big flocks of white birds and pink birds mixed together.  I don’t think the pink ones were flamingos since I have never heard of a flamingo in the swamp.  We went about 9 miles over water along the edge of Lake  Ponchatrain which as much a shallow ocean as it is a lake.

And then we made our way north to Yazoo City.  This city is where a guy named John Luther Jones was driving train #382 trying to make up time when he crashed into a
standing freight car.  He was also known as Casey and the train was called the Cannonball Express back in 1900 when this happened.  Someone wrote a song about it
and sold the song for a case of gin.

Shortly after that the sun went down and I went to sleep.


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