The Rockies

July 11.2011

Hastings, NE,
Holdrege, NE, McCook NE ,Fort Morgan, Co, Denver, CO, Fraser-Winter Park, Co, Granby,
Co, Glenwood Springs, Co, Grand Junction, CO,

 811 miles

 It has been two weeks since I started this journey and I will have traveled 7396 miles by the time I stop tonight.  I am getting closer to home and that is a bit worrisome and I don’t know what I will do about that.

 The trained stopped for a bit in Denver, Co, known for being a mile high, having had Bat Masterson patrol its bars, inventing the Cheeseburger, and brewing more beer than any where else. They also lay claim to having the thinnest residents.  Mississippi has the least thin if you were wondering.  The people in Denver are exposed to 3 times more radiation than people in California and that is my theory as to why they are thinner.

Coors Field

We started climbing out of Denver and the scenery improved to what I have to say is the best I have seen on this trip.  The Rockies still have a lot of snow on them and the meadows are lush and green.  We went through many small tunnels and then the six mile long Moffat tunnel.  It comes out at Winter Park ski resort which at 9239 feet is the highest point that an Amtrak train travels.

Fraser-Winter Park

Once we got to Granby we started running alongside the Colorado River and stayed alongside of it for the next 200 miles.  It was over its banks in a lot of places and there was a lot of water rushing by.  The scenery just got better and better as we made our way to Glenwood Springs.

We arrived at Grand   Junction about three hours late and after I had been on or around a train for some 53 hours. I was amazingly rested but none too fresh.  So I made my way to the nearby Main Street Suites and went out in search of food and beverage.

The Main Street of Grand Junction is mostly given over to financial institutions or little bistros and restaurants.  I settled in at the Rockslide brewery and had a couple of beers and a buffalo burger. After dinner I stopped by Le Rouge for a Milagra  margarita.  I walked home in a light rain and left the rest of the exploration until   the next day.


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