Roadside America

Roadside America

July 17, 2011


After being home from my train travels for three days I had .determined that Nick, who steals from me, had not drank all of my beer.  So it was safe for me to venture forth once again. Having pretty much used up my goodwill with Amtrak I jumped in my little blue Mercedes and headed up into the Sierras.


Highway 4 up to Markleville is about the prettiest stretch of road I have ever been on.  So off I went on a cloudy day up into the foothills.  In about an hour I was in Arnold where Larry and Karen of ‘Getting Mexico’ fame have a cabin.  So I called them to see if the coffee pot was lighted.  It was so I dropped in on them. It was so good to see the only two people I know who can tolerate me for a solid month.  As a bonus the Aussie David was there with his new girl Joy. And they had this Dr Zeuss looking dog with them that they called a Labrador-poo that was just the friendliest thing.  A dog that looked like a mismanaged sheep needs to be friendly.  In any case, I did a touch and go there and went off up the mountain.


Now my little MB has been topless for months but this is the first time she has been able to strut her stuff.  This thing is a gas guzzling magic carpet ride. Up to the alpine lakes we went as though we had been doing it for years.


lake Alpine and the little MB are the same shade of Viagra blue








But just so you all don’t think I am wasting my time I do have a mission. I am not given to wandering about aimlessly.  Well I am but ……  I am out looking for Roadside America.  It is out there-you just have to look.  It is in your neighborhood but you just have not noticed.  Stay tuned for pics.


As I climbed up into the Sierras on what had to be the most spectacular day ever, I finally had to pause along Pacific Creek, which was a torrent, so I could have a snack.  Then it was up over Ebbett’s pass at over 8,000 feet where there was plenty of snow on the side of the road.


I descended on the roller coaster road into Nevada and went looking for VW Spider #2.  As luck would have it all I could find was brothels.  Funny, when I was looking for brothels they seemed to be hiding.  But there was no VW Spider #2.


I pushed on to Virginia City and when I got there it was a madhouse of people.  There were too many unsavory biker types so I decided to pass and I headed back the way I came.

But as is often the case I found something interesting along the way-robots with flowers.  You can’t make this stuff up.


One robot with flowers









Then I went back by the whoer houses and there it was-Vw Spider #2. I have no idea where Spider #1 is.


MB and Spider #2

I pushed north and came across the Holy Grail of Roadside America- a shoe tree.  There are many of these but most people never notice them. Actually some of the shoes were my size and better than the ones I was wearing but I chose to leave this work of art alone.


Shoe tree #1










I pulled into my favorite motel in Susanville and put my noble steed in her parking spot.  I spent some time cleaning her up and putting her top up while drinking a few beers. My new best friend Terry came over to help and we had long conversation.  He had been an Olympic boxer and is now a retired prison guard, He is close to my age with a ten year old daughter so he is moonlighting as, and you guessed it, a prison guard. He is apparently too old to box



I had some dinner at the Bowling Ally which is where people eat in a small town like Susanville.  Then I called it a night.


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